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$100 slot machine youtube

Most people that come to Las Vegas play their luck at a slot machine. Can you win big on a slot machine, you might ask. The answer is yes. Now that is big. So how does he do it on a machine that is only random chance? The chances of a person winning big by just walking up to a slot machine and trying his luck with a few dollars or even a few hundred bucks might be considered slim to none. So what gives you may ask.

Here is where the difference is between machines and where you can significantly increase your odds of winning. That means if a person puts pennies in the machine, and pulls the arm, or pushes the button times, they will recover eventually, This payout is actually calculated over about 1 million plays. There is a slim-to-none chance of recovering anything when playing a 1-cent machine. Even a quarter or a dollar machine falls into this category.

Http://c3c3.info/genting-live-online-casino.php must significantly improve the odds in order to win big. $100 slot machine youtube will soon see. As the person in the video hints, the larger the denomination played the $100 slot machine youtube the percentage $100 slot machine youtube on a machine. Before we go there lets take a look at other issues.

Besides just plain luck, is there anything else that one can do to significantly increase their chances of winning something substantial at a slot machine? When one answers the second question the answer $100 slot machine youtube the first question is yes.

So how would one go about reducing their losses when playing slot machines? He is going someplace special. Most people will miss this sign. Rule 1 — Only play $100 slot machine youtube the High Limit area.

We have an answer later. This is his limit for the day. Rule 2 — Have a do not exceed limit. When it is gone, you leave. Ed sits down at a machine that he is familiar with. Start by playing the lowest denomination you can for a few rounds until you are comfortable with all the ins-and-outs of the machine.

Ed inserts his player card into the machine. This is your ticket to free $100 slot machine youtube and discounts, in addition the casino keeps track of how much you are betting and how often you play.

Other comps also come into play, such as free meals. These cards tend to be specific to hotels or hotel chains in Las Vegas. They are easy to get, just go to the awards window, and show your drivers license. He pushes the button for max bet. This may be 4 times the amount of the $100 slot machine youtube. Relax and take a breath.

Rule 5 — Set the machine for max bet. Ed pushes the button. He pushes the button again. My knees start to shake. Dang this is getting hairy. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding goes the bell. He wins several hundred dollars.

Now instead of leaving the winnings in the machine and continuing to push buttons, Ed does something interesting. Ed carefully takes this slip and stuffs it into his right shirt pocket.

Ed continues with this procedure several more times link I see him putting a couple more slips into his pocket.

He then gets up from that machine and tries his luck at another machine. He goes through the same procedure. Finally, Ed exhausts the wad of money in his left hand.

He has online casino schweiz book of ra his limit, Rule 2. Now comes the time of reckoning. He gets his winnings and arranges $100 slot machine youtube his Ed took all of his winnings home.

He did not loose everything that he to apps gambling best win money into the slots.

He always wins something. Ed summarizes his year. Sometimes he looses, but most of the time, he wins. He plays once or twice on a weekend. All of the hotels he plays at are on the strip. You might think that you cannot afford to play like Ed does. But there is one other way to play in this arena. Get some friends together, pool your money, and take turns $100 slot machine youtube the buttons. Have a ball and take a chance on winning big. Should you win big, you may want to leave the city in style.

Have a drink and enjoy your time in Las Vegas. Your $100 slot machine youtube is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience $100 slot machine youtube site.

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