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is online poker rigged? (Pokerstars)? | Yahoo Answers Poker is rigged, why do people still play this game for a living?

Is online poker rigged

This is a discussion on Poker is rigged, why do people still play this game for a living? Page 1 of 3 Register or Use the arrow to the right to read the next 2 page s. Poker is rigged, why do people still play this game for a living? How many of you here who makes consistent profit from it? Tell me the reason why we should keep playing poker for living?

Okay, we know some players can make a hell lot of money from it. But what is the proportion compared to the losing players? Do we want is online poker rigged younger generation being unproductive, grinding up " dream fortune" in front of their laptop? It is such a shame for online poker ambassador such as Daniel Negreanu to deliver that mislead public message. Remember, online poker companies acts as a "house" at the moment, is online poker rigged offer dream, put the biggest prize of tournament in the first line on the tournament lobby, and hope you keep hoping.

Everyone chooses their own path. Nobody forces anyone to gamble. Any hobby costs money. Poker is not "rigged. The "house" only collects rake from the total pot, no matter is online poker rigged wins. Of course players make money playing poker. The vast majority of recreational players, which you sound like, treat poker like gambling, which is why they lose.

Originally Posted by dmorris Originally Posted by BenjiHustle. Originally Posted by bredaman7. I was this web page OP was trolling.

To is online poker rigged clear, you can be a recreational player and still make good money at poker. Profit from poker is not limited to professional poker players and not all professionals is online poker rigged very profitable.

I lost money because of how rigged poker is! It takes a lot of time and dedication to move up in this very complex game. Is it possible that there are people in the online poker community that cheat That is way you see these big poker rooms pay so much money for top of the line security software, so they can limit the amount of cheating players. But to say the company is rigging the games to increase profit is highly unlikely. What I mean by "Poker is rigged" is that no wonder how good you are, you still can lose, and it is like being rigged, online or live.

Actually, it is my sarcasm to the statement that poker is game of skill, not luck, and I quite amazed there are people who deny is online poker rigged "inconvenient truth". Some people also compare it to chess, which I could say nonsense and invalid. Chess does not can you win real online your "own" money. If you lose, just lose, maybe you spend money to train your skill, or to transport, but in poker u also spend money to train your skill, moreover, you "bet" money on table.

Also, in chess, it is clear that you know exactly the outcome, no third party In poker, community cards is the third partyonly you and your opponent, if you make bad decision, you will lose definitely. But in poker, we is online poker rigged some players made "bad" decision and yet still can win matt Affleck vs Duhamel in WSOPand many more.

So, claiming poker is good for living for is online poker rigged is like you support online poker companies to make more money and become richer. Sent from my Moto G using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by fletchdad. Have for a long time. I was still playing music and didnt pay bills with poker. So I played music - which I am good at. Should anyone who is perusing a career in music become rich and successful?? Innocent young people were attracted is online poker rigged the music lifestyle, but many were not ready to accept what it takes to live like this, in a professional sense.

The advertising industry was is online poker rigged are any gambling online sites there for the way they marketed the music industry. Some players went broke The industry made players is online poker rigged they could be the next star It was always beyond my click to see more why ANYONE who simply owned a musical instrument and played could not lead a luxurious lifestyle Even if they were only mediocre OP, Did I get it right????

Yea because nothing else you ever do for a hobby will ever cost you a dime. Being a musician is a no brainer - you will never lose a dime traveling all over the country playing for next to nothing while you try to establish yourself And studio time is free - equipment cost nothing.

Poker is the only hobby with expense and cost involved. Originally Posted by JPoling. I am pretty sure if you are serious about anything and botch it up you are going to be negative, not just poker. Some example, you tried hard making it in the music industry, spent like all your money, quit your job, now no record deal, no income, and out if not about to be out of money.

Here is another example, you want to own a restraunt, starts out nice, less then 5 years later you are is online poker rigged 6 figures. To say people dont lose money at other oppurtunities they persue is a lie. Almost everything in life is a gamble and has a risk-reward factor, not just poker geez.

Originally Posted by dakota-xx. There is so much stress involved for people who play for a living and being dependant on monies each month from playing a game I love would take the fun out of it. The fact is, most are having fun whilst losing money and their game is bad which is why the games can be beaten long term and the small portion of people can make their living from the game.

Unfortunately online poker IS rigged. It is rigged not by the poker room and anyway happened: UB and others, FTP in a sense, lots of retards rooms. Online poker is rigged by his own users: Playing for a living is an hard job. It is an hard job itself and it is harder considering all the scams exist online- Where monies are, scam settle. And this is incontrovertible. Article source afraid to say Originally Posted by rdm4k.

Fortunately online poker ISNT rigged. Originally Posted by ramdeebam. Cheating players does not make a pokersite rigged. Also, i mean does it suprise you people try to cheat at poker? This dates all the way back to old west times even with the versions of card games they played back then. Cheats still exist even at live games, probably shady back-door operation games, but they still exist.

Since the old west tomes we have had 3 types of gamblers basically. Only difference is now a days youre less likely to get killed over cheating, well also depends where and who caught you.

Now back to topic. Yet if you play good enough in long run you will be making money. I didnt just wake up good at poker. I still make bad plays, i still have some leaks i am trying to fix. Yet, I know if I keep gaining knowledge and trying to implement it in my game the results will show.

You know how you can tell if you are getting better at poker? Can is online poker rigged just all is online poker rigged how to spell pursue, please?

See very often we hear about poker being a game of skill. It has to add up somewhere right? Not everyone can be wrong about the game being about skill. If you is online poker rigged anything to earn a living, that becomes your choice. Having said that, based on the responses above. There are unprofitable players who play this is online poker rigged professsionally.

Being profitable and playing professionally are NOT mutually exclusive. I thought that guy said "Toasty" Lol Speaking of hobbies that cost money; how much money has anyone made playing video games? I guarantee you if I played golf every weekend I would spend a helluva lot more on that "hobby" - with no shot at ever winning any of that money back or getting free rounds of golf because I am so darn good that people want me to play at their course - than I ever spend playing online poker.

I also guarantee you that there are thousands and thousands of players out there every week dreaming of making it as a professional golfer, spending thousands of dollars is online poker rigged lessons, clubs, equipment, greens fees, etc. Every kind of career you can try is a gamble, if you think about it. Instead play poker because it is entertaining.

Is Online Poker Rigged? Can Players Cheat?

But usually, people complaining about the riggedness of online poker are just losing players who were previously riding on the sunny-side of variance in online poker.

As they rarely get to see straight flushes is online poker rigged quads in their home games, and as even a full house is a very special hand, they can quickly come to the suspicion that the online poker room is manipulating the cards. Those players forget the following: In online poker, they are playing twice as much, 60 hands per hour.

In addition to this, even beginners often play more than one table simultaneously. An advanced player, multitlabling six tables, will more info twelve times more hands per hour as a poker player in live poker. Accordingly, he will get to see 12 times more quads, straight flushes and full houses. Often a player with a strong hand visit web page all his chips into the middle of the table and then gets very angry when he loses against an even better hand.

Relatively common set-ups include set vs. Some players are of the opinion especially if they are losing players that poker rooms intentionally generate action by assigning players strong hands with which they is online poker rigged go broke. Poker rooms use RNG random number generators. The RNGs are verified by independent audit firms regularly.

In addition, many players store and analyze their hand histories — either with the built-in statistical software of the poker room or with casino online not games such as the Holdem Manager.

Statistical differences — even very small ones — would massively decrease confidence in the poker room if discovered. And poker rooms rely on the confidence of the players into their software.

No poker room could afford such a manipulation becoming public is online poker rigged severely damaging its reputation. But here the poker room would profit much more if it just would raise the blinds faster. Those players complain in forums that poker room XY is rigged and that this is simply a trick of the poker room in order to make them deposit their money again. This statement is of course nonsense. It is impossible for the visit web page room to associate the information about your cash-out with the board cards.

To cash your money out, you have to transfer it from the poker to the master account. Because you can transfer the money from there also to the casino or bingo site, it is impossible to know whether you have withdrawn your money completely or not. Furthermore, is online poker rigged siti scommesse deposito minimo 5 euro such as Betsson or Doyles Room are parts of large poker networks.

There is no way that these poker skins can transmit data about cashing-out players to the central software distributing the cards. In addition to this, a disadvantage to one player would indeed imply favoring another player — how is online poker rigged a poker room do this? You hold Ace-King and the fish calls with ace-three suited! While this is unpleasant, this happens often: AKo wins a is online poker rigged all-in against A3S only in two thirds of all cases. You might be one of these TAGs or Rocks at the tournament tables.

When such a player finally gets a strong, playable hand he wants to collect more than just the blinds which is the risk if he just makes a standard 3BB preflop raise.

So he decides to limp his pocket aces in order to trap his opponents. This is obviously the wrong strategy. So our limper will lose almost every second time with his aces. As it is is online poker rigged difficult to fold pocket aces post-flop, there is an increased risk that he will lose all his chips because of his playing style. Online poker is not rigged, but players who do not follow the is online poker rigged strategies will lose money.

Luck plays an important role, at least in the short term. This is a myth and that cannot be explained objectively. This is all bull crap Ive been watching poker on tv for 10 years never once seen a set of quads, I see them every day playing for free on Pokerstars. I had two sets of quad 8s in a row myself 3 days ago. I folded one but it was there?

Who would believe three 8s would come out after you just had a set of quad eights. I have never seen a straight flush ever but on this site quads are as likely as 3 of a kind. Mail will not be published required. Is online poker rigged Poker Tournament Terminiator. Is Online Poker Rigged? On the other hand, there are some advantages from signing-up at a new poker room: The motivation to play poker can increase The concentration and the willingness to play its A-Game is higher All poker rooms offer new players a welcome bonus with their first deposit.

This bonus often amounts to several hundred dollars donated by the poker room Have a look at our exclusive poker bonus offerings and codes — increase your ROI with a VIP signup bonus! Posted September 30, at Check This Out Now! A Day in the Live of a Poker Pro.

What should I play? Table Setup for Effective Multitabling. This site runs on Wordpress with Is online poker rigged.

is online poker site Pokerstars rigged?

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